3 Great Party and Event places in Dublin

people partying in Dublin

More and more people travel to Dublin not only to visit the famous Mohar Castle or the cathedrals, but also to celebrate stag parties, birthday parties or even to hold various corporate events. There are plenty of venues to choose from, but as always the same questions arise: which one is worth the attention? Where can we go and avoid the disappointment? What venues offer good rates for a group of people? We have chosen 3 of our favorite party places in Dublin which we picked apart in order to make your decision making process a bit easier.

The Ukiyo bar

The Ukiyo Bar is an Asian themed place situated on the corner of Exchequer and Dame in Dublin that has caught an eye of both tourists and locals. There are many reasons to visit this venue where you can eat, drink and dance all the day and evening.

As we know, karaoke is loved and adored through the most of the Asian countries, so Ukiyo Bar brings all of those vibes from another continent straight to their karaoke rooms. If you have not tried it before, do not rule out this opportunity as couple of drinks can actually make you stay on stage for longer than you expect. And the fact that they have private singing rooms only can give you extra confidence to pick up that mic.

The Ukiyo bar does live up to the highest standards concentrating on quality food and tasty cocktails. All of these gourmet offerings are available until the late evening; so coming along with a group of people can be a safe bet indeed.

Bad Bobs at Temple bar

Location, location, and again, location. Bad Bobs is right in the city of Dublin next to the River Liffey, which is dead easy to find even after you had couple of drinks in you. When you will enter the venue, you will see a fully refurbished place that had been modernised to accommodate you for any occasion: from hen dos to stag parties. Right before you jump into the dance floor, remember to get some food in so you have enough energy to tap your feed for the rest of the night.

We have visited this place a few times so going for any for their burgers or chicken wings is always a safe bet.

Bad Bobs will accommodate birthday parties and corporate events too. It is already a well-known place in Dublin to hold various events like office, recruitment or product launch parties.

Last thing to mention is their opening times, which are 7 nights a week right from 12 o’clock midday.

Bow Lane Cocktail Bar 

Are you looking for a late night cocktail place in Dublin? Then Bow Lane is the place to be in, which offers a selection of tasty cocktails with names that you might not even heard of. If you get a chance to visit Bow Lane, position yourself on one of those comfy bar stools, or if there is a group of people with you grab that Booth with enough seats to accommodate a birthday party. It is one of the classiest places in Dublin that will keep any cocktail snob smiling.

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