You’ve Just Bought Your First Home. Now What?

For first time home buyers, this is usually an exciting time and a major milestone in one’s life. With the excitement also comes responsibility and for those who are unsure of the measures to be taken once the purchase is final, it is important to educate yourself to ensure you don’t miss out on anything vital to you or your home’s well being. Follow our simple guide on recommended steps to take once you have bought your home and you will be off to a great start.

Maintenance and Home Improvements

First things first, lets get this home in tip top shape. As a homeowner, some of the expenses that come with ownership are household repairs. When you get the keys to your house, carry out a full inspection to detect any problems that may need repaired. Do not ignore these, as they may worsen over time resulting in the cost being significantly higher.

Carefully check rooms that are prone to issues such as bathrooms and kitchens. Check plumbing, sinks and toilets for any running water or leaky faucets and if you find any problems, take care of them immediately as this can potentially drip your wallet dry in the long run. Read more here to find out more ways to reduce maintenance costs in your home.

Make Sure all Your Finances are In Order

Prior to moving into your new home, make sure you transfer all bills from your previous address to your new one as well as any other important issues involving your address. It is also vital that you have the right protection for your home. When you take out a mortgage it is likely that mortgage protection insurance will be a requirement with your mortgage. Finding the right mortgage and being approved can be a stressful time, so shopping around for mortgage protection insurance can be a daunting thought. With plenty of online insurance brokers around like, you can receive help finding quotes and the best policy that suits you and your needs.

Create Your Very Own Home Sweet Home

One if the most important things to remember when moving into your first home is to try and enjoy the process. Amidst all the stress and responsibility, this is your very own home and it is an exciting time in a person’s life. Whether you are sharing it with your significant other or creating your own nest just for you, there is nothing like being the owner of your first house.

To enjoy the experience of your new abode, take time to explore your new neighbourhood. Check out the local shops, markets and restaurants as well as introducing yourself to your new neighbours. Decorate your new house the very way you desire! Choose your colours and furnishings with all your personal tastes and touches. For decorating inspiration visit

Once you are all moved in and everything is looking just the way you like it, have a house warming party or dinner to welcome your family, friends and neighbours into your new home. Don’t forget to take care of the important stuff first, then remember to embrace the experience of settling into your very first home.

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