Easy Do-it-Yourself Home Decorating Guidelines for Your Bare Wall

Maybe now is the time to give your empty space a transformation!

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a fireplace where we can put our treasures, but it is not impossible to imitate one. The following are several helpful guidelines and techniques as to how you can change a dull and boring wall situated in the living area into something beautiful and pretty impressive.

Bear in mind that spending big bucks is not necessary to revamp a room. As mentioned, what you are about to read below are ideal ways to improve your ordinary-looking wall.

Making a Fictitious Fireplace

Measure and then mark out 2 pairs of pillars on the wall. A good suggestion would be 90cm in distance, 100cm in height and 6cm in width for every pair. Purchase a blue masking tape that will not tear the paint off the wall. Ask any hardware store in your area for it.

Next is to select the color of your fireplace. It is usually just plain black; however, you are free to explore when it comes to shades. Assuming that you have already picked out a color, what you need to do is to paint the areas between the blue masking tape.

Once it is dried, cautiously peel the blue masking tape off to show the bottom of the fireplace. You may use the shelf as a mantelpiece or you can paint an additional stripe on top.

Creating a Vibrant Wall Display

You can create a wall display with the use of embossed paper and small canvasses. Just stick the embossed paper to the small canvass and make sure that there would be no wrinkled lines.

Revamping a Wall

If you wish to have an attention-grabbing wall, make use of black and white pictures in a bunch of frames in order to come up with a timeless look.

Hanging a False Window

You may wish to consider hanging a few curtains all over a landscape picture or painting as it will provide an impression of a portrait window. Take pictures of wonderful landscapes and have a blown-up picture of them, about the size of a poster. This is one extraordinary means to show art and create the appearance of a bigger space with framed windows.

Try to do things in a different way. Your precious home should expose your character and if you happen to like things that are funky, then these suggestions will absolutely suit you.

Darrell Kelley